Bootgeometrie Scheepsgeometrie Offset Surveys Starmountain Survey & Consultancy BV Starmountain Survey & Consultancy Contact info, Oude Haarlemmerweg 46C, 1901NC CASTRICUM, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands, Tel: +31(0)251 67 15 15, Mob: +31(0)6 5319 5002, Offset Surveys are the art of determining the spatial relationship of sensors onboard of (hydrographic) vessels. No matter small... Or somewhat larger... In the Netherlands... And the rest of the world... Photogrammetric or tachymetric... In a floating dock, or on land... And even while sailing...

Tachymetry: Tachymetry is used for larger objects or when photogrammetry is not suitable for the situation. Alike photogrammetry the tachymetric survey can be done statically (so with the object on Terra Firma) and dynamically (with the object afloat), without loss of accuracy.
Photogrammetry: Photogrammetry is a way of measuring objects by photography in order to establish their 3D dimensions. High accuracies are achieved by fitting the object with retroreflective targets that pinpoint the points of interest. These targets have been especially designed for this measuring technique by Starmountain Survey & Consultancy and can be photographed from any direction. When all targets have been placed a series of photographs with a calibrated camera at at least 8 megapixels is taken.
Alignments: In addition to the offset survey, sensors for course and attitude are also aligned. Standard procedure with offset surveys is establishing fixed points above the waterline. In this way not only offsets to newly added sensors above the waterline can be measured while afloat, but attitude and heading sensors can be aligned within their specs under the same circumstances. The position of the motion sensor's phase centre is measured as well, regardless its position on board, again with sufficient accuracy.
Acceptance test: Once measured and applied to the data acquisition software the system can be evaluated by means of an acceptance test. Various tests (patch test, position check, height calculation etc.) give insight in the performance of the system as a whole, the result of which is reported extensively, both numerical and graphical, as part of the offset survey and alignment report.
Vessels that had their offsets surveyed by Starmountain Survey & Consultancy: Argus Mast Monster, Amasus, Arca, Asterias, Beijerinck, Blauwe Slenk, Bokkegat, Breesem, Ir. F.W.Conrad, Corvus, Eemmeer, Fikse, Flevomeer, Gemma, Houtvliet, IJsselmeer, Kaloo, Kennemer, Kerf, Markermeer, Maeslant, Octans, Onderzoeker, Onrust, Pegasus, Regulus, Roompot, RWS70, RWS74, RWS76, RWS78, RWS79, Scaldis, Scheurrak, Schulpegat, Siege, Speurder, Swalinge, WESP, Zirfaea, Tridens, Calibration Platform, Meetframe, Echo, Hydro 1, Hydro 3, Ter Streep, De Parel II, Veremans, A Stessels, Hondius, Ter Streep Werkboot 1, Ter Streep Werkboot 2, Pierre Petit, Belgica, Willem de Vlamingh, Fairplay 22, Voe Viking, Constructor, Smit Nicobar, Union Manta, Ndeavor, Ndurance, Nero, W3, Stan Tender 1504, HrMs Snellius, HrMs Luymes, GEMS Researcher, Oostende XI, Sylt, Jacoba 4, Peilboot 1, Sonans, Zeeland II, Vox Maxima, Aeolus, Gripper, FPAMS, Nexus, Stornes, Nordnes, Geopotes 15, Lelystad, HAM601, HAM602, Svanen, Mathea, Nikyra, Sirius, Leda, 3701YT, De Kreupel, Zigzag, De Razende Bol, Wieringen, Pompei, JUV Thor, Seahorse, Relume, Olympic Taurus, Artemis Atlantic, Freedom, Friend Ship II, Guardian, Libertas, Profiler, Spirit, Rocky, Geo Cat, Geo Explorer, Geo Motion, Geo Solution, Geo Connection, Geo Spider, Geo Focus, Uranus, Stemat82, Stemat Spirit, Trenchformer, Sea Stallion, SMD Plough, 107 TROV Plough, Brigit P, Anna B, Fetsy L, PontraMaris, Surveyor 1, Surveyor 2, Bianca, Resi, Maarten, Walrus, Narwal, Potvis, Schrieverke, G2 Survey, Noordhoek Singapore, Noordhoek Pathfinder, Magnificat, VOS Star, VOS Sugar, Siem Moxie, Siem Spearfish, Cable Innovator, Sovereign, Edda Fjord, Atlantic Guardian, Team Oman, NorthOcean 102, Meermin III, PW206
Clients of Starmountain Survey & Consultancy for Offset Surveys: Acta Marine, Aqua Vision, Aquatic Drones, Asicon, Atlantic Marine & Aviation, Braveheart Shipping BV, Deep BV, Delta Marine, Delta Marking, De Vries & van de Wiel, De Vlaamse Waterweg, DMS Survey Services, Dolphin Geophysical, Dutch Dredging, G2 Surveys, Gebroeders van der Lee, GeoPlus, Global Marine Systems, Ixsea, Koninklijke Marine, Krul Waterwerken, Linders Meten & Peilen, Martens en Van Oord, Meetbureau G2, Menas, Multiswath, Nautikaris BV, Nikyra, Next Geosolutions, N-Sea, Oceanteam, Olympic Shipping AS, Opus Marine GmbH, Ostend Marine Services, Ostensjo Rederi AS, Port of Antwerp, Port of Rotterdam, Pro-Linq, Rijkswaterstaat, Shearwater, Stemat Marine Services, Siem Offshore, ST Marine Support, STX Europe, Teledyne Marine, Van Oord, VBMS, Venteville, Vlaamse Overheid, Vroon,
Motion Sensors: IXSEA, IXBLUE, Octans II, III, IV, PHINS, HYDRINS, Kongsberg Seatex MRU-H, TSS DMS05, Orion, Applanix POSMV, TSS SGBrown. Multibeam: Seabat 7101, 8101, 8125, R2Sonic 2022, 2024, Odom ES3, MB1, GeoAcoustics GeoSwath, Kongsberg EM3000, EM3002, EM2040, EM2040c, dual head. Single beam: Navisound, Knudsen, SRD, Atlas Deso 17, 20, 22, 25. GPS Antenna: Alison Microwave GPS-GLONASS AD410, AD490-2, AD491-3141, Ashtech 700700A, 700700B, CNAV 2050, DGHM 3000, DNAP7, Zephyr GNSS, Furuno GPA-017-017S-019-019S-18S, GSC-001, NX-7H, Pathfinder Pro XR, Trimble Zephyr GA510 Model 2, GA530, Javad, JRC-dgps212, Leica 421B, Sercel NAP4, NAP002, NAP3, NavCom ANT3001R, Novatel GPS-701-GG, GPS-702-GG, Septentrio PolaNt GG, TopCon PG-A1, Trimble ZEPHYR GNSS. Total Stations, theodolites: Wild T2, T3, Leica TCRA1101, TCRP1201, Sokkia, Topcon

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